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Production of pallets

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The company manufactures various types of wooden pallets. From the ordered wood, employees process and cut the boards to size and then assemble them according to the technical drawing. The final step is to ship the finished pallets to its customer base.

1) Assembly department:
- Manual assembly of beams using nail guns.
- Physical work requiring physical strength - nail guns are heavy 5-10 kg depending on the size of the nailer and nails.
- After nailing, the pallet is removed and secured for transport.
- Rotation between machines - not doing the same thing over and over again

2) Sawmill department:
- Operating wood cutting machines
- Working rather manually, occasionally at the machines (workers must be trained)
- Lifting beams and feeding them to the machine
- On the machine, selecting parameters, ways to cut the beam
- Quality control, control of measurements

Machines used at work (in general: planers, CNC, woodworking machines) are either semi-automatic or fully automatic. Both machines are simple to operate and more complex machines that require technical knowledge. With semi-automatic machines, you have to feed the machine a beam, then pick it up and put it down.

Nasze oczekiwania

Expectations for candidates:
- Motivation and respect towards work
- Ability to read technical drawings
- Communication skills - English must be communicative
- Punctuality and following the rules
- Experience in a similar profession/physical work with machines is welcome

Wymagane wykształcenia

No specific requirements


- Attractive hourly rate (from 15€)
- Stable work with the possibility of moving to a permanent contract from the company
- Bonuses: 13th pay, holiday money, mileage, family allowance, health and accident insurance, paid holidays
- Reimbursement for first arrival in Belgium
- Accommodation near the workplace
- Constant care of coordinators


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