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CNC Milling Operator (m/x/f)

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This company can look back on generations of expertise within made to measure furniture development. Despite their extensive experience, each assignment remains a new challenge in which the flawless realization of a design is the ultimate objective. They focus mainly on larger projects such as embassies, office buildings, banks, schools, hotels, stores, homes... Their input varies from the development of a specific piece of furniture to total design. In each case, they think along with the customer and provide expert advice where necessary.

Details of the role:

The CNC miling operator contributes to the execution of custom interior joinery and furniture projects. He is the permanent operator of the CNC machine, programming, setting, and controlling all operations of the machine until the end product. His training, craftsmanship and/or experience allow him to perform his job independently.

Responsibilities of the role:
Work preparation
•Going over the work order with the workshop manager: interpreting planning and determining work sequence.
•Reading and interpreting the technical drawings.
•Checking the pieces to be processed for quality, dimensions and quantity.
•Organizing oneself according to the work to be performed (preparing materials and tools, order and cleanliness, etc.)

Machining and/or manual operations
•Performing the operations according to the most efficient work sequence using various machines, hand tools and/or manually.
•Using the specific steering program called Woodwop.
•Keeping the machines and tools to be used up to date (keeping them in the right place, reporting defects on time, leaving them ready for use at all times, etc.)

Assembling and finishing
•Assembling and performing various finishing operations, e.g. adding fittings,...
•Final finishing of the product, e.g. finishing the edges,...
•Final inspection of the finished product based on the work order and technical drawing
•Making the finished product ready for delivery:
oPacking and protecting the load
oPreparation for loading
oStacking on pallet

Jouw vaardigheden & kennis


•Strong mechanical education and background.
•We are looking for a skilled professional.
•Experience with the steering program Woodwop = NEEDED.
•Previous experience as a CNC operator with wooden materials.
•Knowledge of programming and setting of the CNC machine.
•Can perform basic maintenance of the CNC machine.
•Material knowledge (solid wood, laminate, melamine, plastic, solid surface,...).
•Can check the material for dimensions, quantities, quality deviations and defects.
•Knows how and according to which techniques the various materials must be processed.
•Assembly insight: has feeling with the product and can assemble quickly and qualitatively.
•Machine knowledge: hand tools.
•Must be able to read, interpret and execute a work order independently.
•Can organize own work to order.

Core competencies

Dynamic and flexible
- You sense when you can insert an unexpected or urgent problem into your planning.
- You can adapt your task if the situation of the moment requires this
- You are open to suggestions from others
- You cooperate positively in changes in order to achieve the set results
- You are flexible in terms of time (e.g. extra effort where necessary) and tasks (e.g. a task other than your own function).

Respectful - Working Together
- we share useful information with each other
- you come up with ideas that benefit the collective result
- you offer help and support to your colleagues
- we form a team in which colleagues and supervisors treat each other respectfully and value each other, in an atmosphere of openness, honesty and trust

Top quality and accuracy
- You deliver correct and neat work with an eye for detail
- You exercise self-control and ask for feedback
- You are alert to possible errors or inaccuracies in the information you receive.
- Even under 'higher' pressure or with routine tasks, you can deliver high-quality work and you remain critical and alert
- You ask for feedback regarding the quality of your work delivered
- You take care of your work environment, machines and tools

Family character
- we communicate in a transparent way and make good agreements
- you feel jointly responsible for and connected to the organization and the work that you do

Attuned to the customer (internal customer = your colleague)
- In the production process, you always take into account the step preceding and following your own task
- You react friendly and correctly to questions from your colleagues
- You take action yourself to solve recurring problems in function of a good cooperation
- Work, think and act as if you were the customer yourself.


•Strong mechanical education and background.

Wat we jou bieden


•An exciting an varied job with a competitive wage where they can work independently.
•A position in an financially stable and growing company with technical expertise that wants to expand in the future.


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