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Smart Repair
Day repair
Total Repair

Smart Repair is the collective name for all our rapid repair techniques for:

- the bodywork of a car
- The rims
- The windows
- Some interior elements (leather, fabric, artificial leather, plastic)
Our full range of Smart Repair repairs are at national, flat-rate prices.

Smart Repair repairs are always done without replacing or removing any parts. That means we can guarantee very short, standardised repair times. For this type of repair we use techniques with and without paint.

If a traditional body shop needs three days for a repair, with or without replacement of parts, Company can do the same job in 1 day in some cases.

We apply Smart Repair techniques to larger damages, in order to reduce costs and repair time. Our workshops are equipped with the latest technology and our employees are specially trained to keep up with the latest technological innovations.

COMPANY repairs all makes with original parts, at the agreed price and within the agreed time. Without surprises. And because our specialists work with the best materials, your original manufacturer's warranty remains valid.

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Experience: 0-2 years

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Working hours: 39h/week with 6 ADV days per year ie 0.5 days per month
Salary: 16 euro gross/hour.
Food cheques: EUR 8


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