The job market in Belgium is evolving constantly and quickly. Because of that, many companies are struggling with an acute shortage of technically schooled labourers and clerks. As an employment agency, Job Talent seeks to cater to this dire need of personnel in bottleneck professions and searches for technically schooled and experienced employees.

Our specialised Euroworkers department does everything to structurally fill in your bottleneck vacancies. To achieve this, we work together with international recruitment partners and selection offices.

Your advantages

Many companies just can’t seem to fill in their bottleneck vacancies. Up to 54% of job offers for bottleneck professionals stay open for even longer than 180 days. Job Talent searches for qualified candidates abroad to actually fill in these vacancies.

Companies that choose to work together with Euroworkers drastically increase their employment levels for shortage occupations.

In addition, the recruitment procedures through Euroworkers always run smoothly and efficiently. You don’t need to contact foreign parties yourself. Job Talent does that for you. The administration? Remains limited to a minimum. Since Job Talent remains the employer throughout the entire temporary employment period, we take care of all contracts, wages and DIMONA-registrations. Moreover, we provide housing for our foreign employees.

Job Talent always searches for candidates with relevant experience and only recruits people with the right qualifications and certificates. You do not need to worry about language barriers. The language proficiency of all candidates is tested during the recruitment process, and if necessary can be improved through language courses. In this way you, as an employer, have to spend less time and money on education, and your new employee can quickly start working.

Job Talent is a recognised recruitment agency and member of trade federation Federgon. Our foreign partners possess all required permits and licenses. Therefore, illegal employment and other unlawful practices are out of the question. A long-term, fruitful cooperation is what we stand for.