About Job Talent

About Job Talent

Job Talent is a Belgian recruitment agency that searches for local labourers and clerks up to bachelor level. We bring your company in contact with candidates with the right profile, both for short-term and long-term assignments with the possibility of a permanent contract. We possess an extensive selection pool for technically schooled personnel in bottleneck professions as well. Through our specialised Euroworkers division, we even recruit temporary workers for shortage occupations abroad.

We want to deliver to our clients a service that exceeds their expectations. How do we do that? By thinking together with you and searching for efficient and durable solutions that are custom-made for your company. Job Talent assists companies during their search for the right personnel.

Company values

Job Talent searches results-oriented for qualified temporary workers for your company. You can expect quality and custom-made solutions. We recruit the right candidate for you through our focused strategy. We value a quick, correct and professional service. Both our driven and passionate coworkers and our temporary workers live by these values.


As a Belgian recruitment organisation, we can always find the best employees for local companies. We always do this in an ethically responsible way. Our passionate and competent coworkers think together with our clients and strive to offer them a service that exceeds their expectations. Our clients have the right to get the best service available in this sector.


The job market is evolving quickly and continuously. In this complex situation, specialisation has become a necessity. Our competent coworkers and focused, custom-made and quick service make sure we can always find the ideal candidate for the job.